We build pioneering technologies in an industrial scale for the development of new dehydrated products in powder and granules.

Ekonek’s innovative technology, Pulse Spray Drying (PSD), transforms liquids and pastes into powder, almost instantaneously, keeping its nutritional value with huge energy savings and even more, PSD technology can dry products impossible to dry for other technologies.

Innovation + Impact

Our innovative technologies bring real benefits and make a difference.
Our solutions can have several applications on a wide range of industries.

Circular economy

Transform food by-products (fish, meat, vegetables, ...) and organic wastes (digestate, liquid manure, compost, …) into dried products, to convert them into high value commercial products food ingredients, feed ingredients, fertilizers…

Develop new products

Our drying technologies can dry products that are not normally dried because of their complexity. That means we are opening new possibilities to develop: new food ingredients, new feed ingredients, new fertilizers, new fine mineral or ceramic powders, ...

Energy saving

Our drying technologies can save 20-30% energy compared to conventional drying technologies. Additional savings can be obteined because we can dry more concentrated products after evaporators, or, when waste heat recovery systems are applied.

Advantages of Pulse Spray Drying, compared to Traditional Spray Drying

  • PSD uses thermoacoustic shockwaves (pulses) to atomize, Spray Drying uses nozzles or discs.
  • PSD can atomize 10 times higher viscosity pastes than Spray Drying
  • PSD uses 20 to 30% less energy than Spray Dryer
  • PSD uses between 1/3 and 1/2 the air that is used by a Spray Dryer, to evaporate the same amount of water.

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Advantages of spouted bed drying

Spouted Bed Drying is a unique process in the market that allows to obtain granules from organic wastes (digestate, liquid manure, compost, …) being possible to obtain commercial fertilizers for organic or conventional farming, becoming a great opportunity for new businesses.

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