We offer a complete range of services and technical support, to optimize operations, productivity and durability of the machine.

Drying tests and preparation of customized products.

We offer to our customers complete product tests in our pilot facilities. Including grinding, mixing or dosing of raw materials and drying by PSD or SB, in order to achieve the best characteristics of the final product.

Development of new dehydrated products.

We obtain new food ingredients, feed or fertilizers of high added value, from different fractions of products or by-products. Do not give up on optimally making use of all your production flows!


With the objective of having your installation operating without unexpected stoppages, we offer a maintenance contract with planned visits to your facilities, etc.

We can remotely control/operate the machine if needed.

Design and construction of drying equipment

Each drying facility that we build is adapted to different needs, being designed to fulfil all your expectations.

We can supply Turn-Key installations if requested, including product preparation, concentration and homogenization, drying system, conveying the dry product and final bagging.

Industry 4.0

Ekonek is implementing Industry 4.0 technology in our installations in order to offer the best Up-Time.

Ekonek is collaborating with the company Aingura at Industry 4.0 development. As Ekonek, the company Aingura is part of INZU Group.

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