Organic waste

We are adding value with our “Pulse Spray Drying” and “Spouted Bed Drying” technologies transforming into powder or granules Sludge from various Industries, with a minimum of energy. Some examples of success are:


Sewadge sludge, Digestate, Liquid manure, Compost

Combining those materials between them, with other organic wastes (struvite, bone meal, biomass ash, etc) or with mineral fertilizers, we make a paste with a more commercial NPK value, that we dry and granulate at the same time in a Spouted Bed Dryer. Making a commercial fertilizer as a final product.


Paper sludge

Different sludges from paper industry, containing cellulose, calcium carbonate, lignine from mechanical pulp, black liquor, ... can be dried into powder with PSD technology. New applications are arising for those powders, as biomaterials.

Do you want to know if you can get business value from some by-product or waste?

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